From 1966 to 1974, the most spectacular racing series in the world at the time relegated Formula 1 to a game of slowcoaches, because at the CANADIAN-AMERICAN Challenge Cup everything was possible and above all anything went: there were no limits. The CanAm racing cars had no rivals in terms of power, speed and appeal. There were 71 races in nine years.

In theory, cars just needed two seats, a chassis that surrounded the wheels and a roll bar. The cars were thus admitted and came very close to the dream of “everything is possible” for many racing car constructors. A Jurassic Park for high performance monsters was born. The brightly coloured cars were mostly one-offs or built in limited numbers. They dominated the motorsport scene in the 60s and 70s.

Since 2011, the CANADIAN-AMERICAN Challenge Cup is organised by Peter Schleifer from Günzburg, Germany and again targets cars from the original CanAm and Interseries from 1966 to 1974.

The aim is to revive this highly exciting part of racing history. The cars should have been driven in the CanAm or Interseries between 1966 and 1974 or must be identical replicas. In keeping with the way it was originally, no electronics, such as telemetry, laptops or other modern data recording are allowed, and, except for the driver’s seat, only contemporary compound materials may be used.

Since 2019, we are linked with FHR and decided to race together as "CanAm & Supersports".



    Lola T310

    Georg Hallau, Berlin, GERMANY

  • Lola T310

    Georg Hallau

    The Lola T310 is one of the most spectacular racecars of the 70s. Chevrolet V8 (Big Block) 8,3 ltr., >810 PS, 780 kg, BJ 1972.

  • TEAM

    Georg Hallau, Lola T310

      Pilbeam MP 84

      Born into a car-crazed family, Peter Schleifer began racing in his teens, and has spent the last quarter-century as part of the historic racing troupe.

    • Pilbeam MP 84

      Peter Schleifer

      LMP 2, BJ 1999, 3,4 Liter, 450 PS / 330 kW, American Le Mans Serie 2000.

    • TEAM

      Peter Schleifer, Pilbeam

      Norman Lindner, Gerd Bachmann


        McLaren M8C

        Harry is our youngest driver in the CanAm Cup. He started racing in 2018 after his dad passed away, who drove the famous orange McLaren M8C for 20 years. Harry is a fulltime mecanic in his company Read Racing in Aachen Germany.

      • McLaren 8C

        Harry Schmidt

        McLaren M8C, 1970, 8.8 Liter Hubraum, 800 HP

      • TEAM

        Harry Schmidt, McLaren M8C

        Historic  Automobiles was established in 2004 by Simon Blake. They specialise in restoring and maintaining historic road and race cars and have over 30 years experience in motor racing, working  closely with our clients on race preparation, racing and after care.


          Lola T165
        • Lola T165

          Hans-Jürgen Erdbrügger

          Lola T165

        • TEAM

          Hans-Jürgen Erdbrügger

          ALL TIME STARS

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          Our alltime stars - amazing drivers who were part of the CanAm History

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